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Choose the various boats available according to its size, ability, the place it takes, the possible activities on board, the brand and cost to discover your dream ship. On Samboat, you can also look for sailboats and catamaran.


Various types of RIB exist or are available throughout Europe either you are in Croatia, Italy or France it is easy for you to have access to the boat thanks to Samboat. The platform proposes several brands like Bombard, Valiant, Zar and many others which you can discover on the platform. This type of boat has the capacity to dive sea or on lakes and it is the best for day trips, water sports or for diving excursions. This type of boat is very comfortable and easily handy.

The Houseboat

You wish to rent a boat for a little outing with friends! You wish to organize a little party at sea! Then the houseboat is ideal for you because it can take up to 12 people comfortably. Enjoy the calmness and comfortable waters by sailing with everybody on board because it is the perfect boat for water cruises. Hire a houseboat and sail to France, which is the world’s leading destination in Europe. You can rent a houseboat with or without a skipper by following the following link Samboat offers houseboat for rent either for a day excursions, weekend or river cruises. With Samboat you are sure to find the boat that fits your project.

The Catamaran

The Catamaran is 2 hulls, and offers an exceptional living space with increased stability. Its design makes it ideal for cruising with comfort higher than a monohull. The catamaran has a shallow draft, which gives it access to shallow anchorages. To operate a catamaran in France, It is not necessary to have a licence you can sail with the boat if you have a previous experience with the boat. Select your catamaran according to the brand, size, price when booking and the most important according to your comfortability.

Hire a yacht while under the Greek sun

Rent a skippered in Greece with samboat; sailboats, motors yacht, house boats, catamaran. Samboat offer an extensive variety of boats to hire per day as from 50 euros. A yacht charter in Greece is the perfect way to see Greece by water on Aegean Sea with all its atmospheres and numerous amount of islands.Apollon sail boat with or without skipperThe sail boat Apollon is obtainable on Samboat for rent. The company offers a reduction of 20% to the first person that will hire the boat. (yacht charter greece) [...]

Visiting the Bahamas by yacht

Bahamas is the best destination one can choose for its holidays. Visiting Bahamas is best possible by yacht thus; you need a bahamas yacht charter for the purpose. It is also important to precise that Samboat is the adequate platform to rent a boat for your vacation.Yacht to sleepThere's no doubt that you won't find a better place to sleep on a boat. In that respect, all our clients are unanimous and say the same thing: "I have been sleeping on the yacht like a baby." The [...]

Amazing offers on boats to rent [at]Samboat

Samboat is a private boat rental agency. It presents its online platform to make all offers accessible. When you have already decided on where to go on holidays by boat, then it is time to contact Samboat and rent a boat for you and your family or love ones.What Samboat offer youThe platform can be used to easily connect boat owners and renters. The owner will add his ad on the website. This page shows the photographs of the boat and the boat's product sheet and the price and [...]

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